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Red Iron Slings

Red Iron Slings are designed to enhance safety when working with high pressure pipes and eliminating injuries related to pipe failure accidents. The slings use a temporary pipe restraint mechanism to limit the movement and possible lashing in high pressure piping systems in an event of pipe pressure failure. These are intended to use for well heads, pipelines, flow lines and other high pressure well control equipment.

Pressure Pipe Restraint Systems, premium quality safety restraint systems. Provides restraint for joints, transitions, couplings, mechanical joints, and other temporary flow lines. Reliable solutions for maximum workplace safety. Prevents personnel injury and machine damage. Intelligently designed to perform dynamically in case of pressure changes in the pipes. Available in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings to fit all the pressurize system applications.

Industrial Application

To prevent failure related incidents in high pressure pipe systems with operating pressure at over 15 PSI, Red Iron Sling provides a reliable solution. It effectively restrains the movement during failure of the pipes caused by rupture force. These precautions are especially important in offshore pipe systems as well as other oil and gas transport piping networks. Moreover, used when handling chemical pipes, hydraulic hose restraints, wastewater systems, steam pipes, and other similar industrial uses.

Here are the main applications of our Oilfield Hose Pipe Restraints, used in the industrial oil and gas systems.

  • Well heads
  • Flow lines including gathering systems, crude oil pipelines, and refined products
  • Well control systems for acid injection
  • Saltwater removal pipe systems, etc

An Introduction to Red Iron Sling

Any small rapture, damage and breakage in the high-pressure pipe system can bring devastating results to a workstation. Apart from causing the project to come to a halt, a high-pressure explosion can cause destruction of tools and equipment, and injuries. Such disturbances are often accompanied by expensive repercussions and even irreversible outcomes such as fatalities. According to the safety standards in all hazardous locations, precaution is essential to prevent unwanted circumstances.

Pipe restrain slings are designed with an extremely simple yet efficient mechanism to minimize the risks in high pressure pipe systems. The Red Iron Slings are manufactured according to global safety standards such as Shell’s safety policies to guarantee fail proof operation.