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Pvc Curtain & Polar Curtain (Euro Grade/Paraffin Free)

Euro Grade / Polar strip curtain is designed to withstand cold temperatures and are mainly used for cold
room and refrigerated truck where the lowest temperature is even low to -40°C, helping them meet statutory temperature controls, UV resistance, reserving easy passing for people, vehicles and goods and efficaciously forbidding loss of extreme cold airin the cold room or refrigerated truck body. 

Polar PVC sheet is a good choice for save power because they do not contain electric drive. Polar door curtain do not have action component and do not produce noise during service. Cool strip has been designed from marketexperience and has been proved in independent tests to up to 50% of energy costs.

Yellow shade helps to reduce the enchantment of insects to the mild sources on the different aspect of
the strip door. Insect proof PVC strip curtains made with a specially formulated repellent material, this is the only color available in insect proof. It emits special light which dispels insects. They are suitable for use in food processing factories, live and fresh food processing centers, feed or beverage manufacturing factories.