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Magna Grab: Multipurpose Anchor away hands-off magnetic tool

Tag lines are an integrated part of industrial fields for transport, for securing a load in its place, drawing support, any much more. To use a tagline vigorously, the operator requires two factors; one, a strong tagline cord, and two, an effective tagline anchor as the core support provider. In many cases the tag line anchor may be damaged, unreliable, or non-existent all together. To solve this fundamental issue, Magna-Grab was presented to replace the original anchor point on just about any surface.

As a multipurpose anchoring hook, magna grab is classified as a hands-free safety maneuvering tool reinforced by magnetic attraction. The general purpose is to perform as a portable anchor point to provide tagline facility in long and short-range usage.

Work Field Utility

Any industry using taglines in the weight handling system, providing human support or other likely activities, can benefit from magnetic tag anchors. The magnetic grabber tool is an innovation designed to produce a buffer zone between the heavy suspended loads or other long reach objects and personnel. Here are some generalized examples;

  • Oil & Gas Rings
  • Manhole Construction, trenches and pits
  • Industrial Machining
  • Warehousing
  • Marine, locomotive and auto industries
  • Mining and refineries

Functionality Details

Increasing convenience and tagline anchor is the first task performance by magna tool, enriched with hands free safety aesthetics. The safety features are backed with long-reach retrieval which is the best solution in narrow and confined spaces magnetic retriever while handling the heavy and potentially hazardous suspended loads tagline- without having to get too close to the load itself.

To add to the ergonomic usability, the magnetic grab tagline is attached to any magnetic surface easily and with significant force. Further, the magnetic handling tool is engineered in a way that enables the operator to keep the body in a proper position in order to facilitate push and pull action.

To enhance the maneuverability of the load, this magnetic anchor point boasts an eye bolt that provides free movement of tagline while attached to Magna-Grab. After the task is completed, the operator can detach the magna tools from the surface by a slide mechanism, and a simple push on the handle sideways.

Despite the small size, this hands-free magnetic retrieval tool is known for its substantial force. All it requires is a surface area of 4 to 6 inches, which can handle up to 500 lb. or 220 kg of weight capacity. For an increased convenience, this magnetic device is reinforced with several attachment variations for fixed or modifiable handles. This feature provides a myriad of possibilities in use and tagline action.