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KisFoam R

KisFoam R

KISFOAM R is a fast-reacting and high flow injection grout that will form to a rigid polyurethane material to arrest water leakages. It is used together with KISCAT at varying dosages (2-10%) to suit different reaction timing. It is most ideal for use to stop gushing water leakages and are user-friendly with KST pumps and most injection pumps.

Recommended Use

• Construction structures (dams, subway, tunnels, water retention tanks etc.). 

• Diaphragm walls / Contiguous Bored Pile (CBP) Wall / Piles structure 

• Roof/Ground Slabs 

• Soffit Structure 

• Reinforced Concrete 

• Construction Joints with leakages


• High Flow 

• Able to withstand high hydrostatic pressure. 

• Stops leakages fast and effectively 

• High foaming rate that seals large area efficiently 

• Reacts even with seawater or contaminated water 

• Adjustable reaction time with varying dosage of KISCAT catalyst (2-10%) to suit site condition