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Bestolife® Metal Free

Bestolife® Metal Free

BESTOLIFE® Metal Free is a non-metallic thread compound for API OCTG and BTC. A blend of synthetic and amorphous graphite, PTFE, and other non-metallic additives, Metal Free contains no toxic materials. It delivers galling and thread protection and conforms to API RP 5A3.

Economical, non-metallic compound for maximum protection. Metal Free is a running compound and not designed to be used as a storage compound.


Color: Black
Penetration: 310-330 (ASTM D 217)
Weight/Gallon: 9.1 pounds/gallon
Dropping Point: ≥350°F/≥177°C (typ)
Flash Point: ≥392°F/≥200°C (min)
Brushable To: 10°F/-12°C
Friction Factor: 0.9 (relative API Modified)
Shelf Life: 4 years (unopened container)
Contains: Synthetic and amorphous graphite, PTFE, and other nonmetallic additives