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Anti Tangle Tag line

A Survey of occupational injuries showed that the incidence rate of total recordable cases cannot be ignored. There is no denying the fact that the safety of the workers should be the most important part of any industry. Controlling the number of unsafe incidents and injuries should be the key concern.

Considering this, the safety engineers have combined innovative technologies to bring a safe substitute to the ineffective and risky rope. Traditional rope taglines can get knotted. At times, as a crane lifts the load the rope may wrap around the worker’s leg or other surrounding object causing a potentially dangerous condition to workers and may even damage equipment.

Accordingly, a rigid core that prevents turning on itself and wrapping around objects was designed. Anti Tangle Tag line,100% manufactured Europe and is widely adopted by major industry players in Oil & Gas, Offshore, Energy sectors, Shipping, Construction, Mining and more.

Key Features

  • Made from Synthetic Rope, SK 75 12 mm with 6 mm core (18 mm) offering significant power yet light in weight
  • Weaved over braided cover to avoid scratch
  • High visibility yellow outer braid
  • Dirt repellent cover is washable
  • Tangle resistant
  • Designed not to catch on pinch points
  • We supply OHS 15", 25", 35" and 45" feet
  • Can live longer than PP, Manila and other fibre ropes by several times